Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Talks with about Perfect Affordable Potty Patch for Dogs

Last Saturday, I and my cousin sister who is "Dog Trainer" in Los Angeles since 1999 met, we dinner together, talked lots of.

At that time, she suggested me about -

They are well-known to provide dog owners and their loved ones with a clean and natural solution to apartment and condo living, for other products like "Dog Potty Patch", "Dog Potty for small dogs and large dogs".

After  serving our hundreds of their clients throughout Southern California they can assure you that their potty box and grass replacement service is the perfect solution for dog owner living in urban areas.

You can also keep in touch with them at various Social Media Sites -

Now, Let's I help you about, "Choosing the Best Dog Grass Potty for your loved ones"

A dog grass potty is a wonderful thing to have and dogs really love them. Hope you find just the right one for your dog!

First, check out the prices! See what all you get for the money you will be paying. Many of the dog potties on the market today are very overpriced compared to what they offer. And there are ALOT on the market so compare before you buy!

Next, pay special attention to all the features that you will get on a dog grass potty . Does it come with a pan or with a built in drain so you don't need to worry about pans overflowing? Is it equipped with a sprinkler system so you don't have to worry about watering it? Will you be using it indoors or outdoors? Pay special attention to these maintenance features as you don't want to end up with a smelly dog potty.

Next be sure and keep the word "maintenance" in your mind as you make your decision. Some dog potties are virtually maintenance free whereas others take a significant amount of time to maintain. So do your home work ahead of time and then make your decision. You will be glad you did!

When deciding on what type of grass to use in your dog porch potty, keep this tip in mind. Be sure and start out using real grass for training and then you can switch to synthetic grass later. The reason? The real grass gets your dog "in the mood" to do his business. He'll love sniffing it. Once he's established a habit of going in it, then you can change to synthetic grass.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Electric Dog Fence System 2012 - Must Know about Pros

The electric dog fence system is a very effective containment system which can prevent the dog from escaping. This containment system basically consists of a 400 to 1200 ft long wire (which has to be buried), a transmitter (which can be placed in any part of the home) and a receiver (which has to be placed on the dog’s collar). The receiver sends a sound and a shock when the dog tries to come near the wire. There are several advantages of using an electric dog fence and some of these are discussed in the following lines:

• These containment systems are cheaper than installing the vinyl, wooden or metal dog fences. The major expenses are done just one time which involve purchasing the system kit rather than negotiating per foot charges with the installer. The price can vary according to the brand but all proficient brands do not charge more than 400 dollars.

• Another pro is that the wire has to be buried and this feature can be used to bypass any property which might restrict the physical fence. Moreover, the fence cannot be jumped over by the dog and there isn’t any weak spot which can be dug to escape.

• The electric dog fence is much more flexible and isn’t restricted in keeping the dog from running out from the perimeter of the land. The wires can be installed inside the house and the transmitter can be placed in the garden, bedroom, near the pool, garage or any other place preferred by the owner.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Affordable Electric Dog Fences 2012 - Ultimate Options for your loving pet

Having a house in countryside, I have always preferred a dog keeping in my house.

In the initial stage I lost 2 dogs with my preference to give them freedom and by not keeping any boundary lines for them.

One met with an accident and one never come back. Not to forget always coming back home dirty and some time with bruises.

Later on, for my third dog I decided to install a dog fence and preferred a wooden fence on electric dog fence.

Giving a shock to my dog could never appeal me.

One day after the heavy snow, my dog got a chance to move out of the wooden railing as snow decreased the high of it by almost 60 inches and, made me realize that this was not a good option after all.

However, he came back in few minutes realizing being in house is a better option to survive.

The season changed and in one rainy night I was cooking inside and my dog was not inside the house.

I thought he must be in the front yard chasing behind some squirrel or enjoying that natural shower bath.

After few hours when I went out to look for him I found a hole near the wooden fence. This was it.

The wet sand has surely helped him to dig beneath the rail and move out.

Very next day I call for the wireless electric fence installer and got it installed in the front and backyard of my house.